The Greatest Messages of All Time


The Lombardi Rules
Vince Lombardi

Rule #1 - Write your character. Find ways to write in your own concrete (before it sets up).

Rule #2 - Find truth for your purpose. A "true truth is one that works in all aspects of life.

Rule #3 - Act; don't react. Seize the initiative by seeing things for what they are.

Rule #4 - Study the past; live in the present. Find yesterday's lessons, but assume that today is new.

Rule #5 - Have Faith. There is more reliable comfort and source of strength.

Rule #6 - Be Proud and Humble. Strike the balance. Flex your ego; run from the hubris; share the credit.

Rule # 7 - Search out and destroy prejudice. Be the person who makes more people welcome and productive.

Rule # 8 - Cultivate Compassion. We owe each other empathy. Heart power is the strength of the world.

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