The Greatest Messages of All Time

Ed Dedelow

on Free Enterprise vs Government

Government spending, laws, regulations and the question of their need and implementation are the most critical problems facing us. Below government is compared to free enterprise so as to understand the problems.




A. Divides decision making power   Concentrates decisions and power
B. Rewards achievement   Passes laws to punish achievement
C. Rewards profit   Punishes profit
D. Penalizes unnecessary expenditures   Rewards expenditures with additional funding
E. Rewards workers   Taxes workers
F. Rewards working   Rewards not working
G. Production and pricing are determined by a democratic process

  Production and pricing are determined by a comparatively small elected body

Efficient production is geared to benefit the consumer

  Adding employees is more important than efficiency

Provides for the entire community but has the appearance of benefiting a few

  Satisfies the demands of select groups on the pretext that the community is benefited

Encourages new ideas that are voted on by consumers

  Creates laws and regulations for the courts to interpret
K. The flow of money is determined by a pricing structure that adjusts demand to supply and increases the supply of money and labor where demand is greatest

  The flow of money is determined by influence, intended to stimulate demand or sway votes, and shifting labor and money away from market determined demands
L. Failure or loss of income is the reward for inefficiency, wrong decisions, and incompetence

  Lack of sufficient funding is the reason for failure
M. Failure is a successful learning experience   Failure is not acknowledged
N. Encourages problem solving   Creates problems of capitalism to be corrected after the next election but does not recognize problems within government

Has a deflationary effect on pricing and production cost

  Has an inflationary effect on and is intended to inflate pricing and production cost
P. Takes advantage of opportunity   Closes loop holes
Q. Free enterprise is blamed for the failures of government   Government is commended for the successes of free enterprise



Compiled by Thomas George









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