The Greatest Messages of All Time

American Politicians

Absolute power does corrupt

Why the terrorists hate America

constant proof that God loves us

Give me liberty or give me death

The World Court today is chaired

Bad men cannot make good citizens

Only by taking responsibilty for oneself

As for me and my family, we will serve God

We value the life of one as if it's the life of all

Little minds mistake little objects for great ones

The right to freedom being the gift of Almighty God

President Obama clearly cannot run on his own record

to end the life of a totally innocent and helpless unborn child

I'm for keeping marriage the only way it's ever been in history

I fell in love with my country when I was a prisoner in someone else’s

I do not worry about people who want to come to the United States

Our laws and customs were constructed to reflect the Ten Commandments

Americans acknowledge that liberty is a gift of God, not an indulgence of government

And therefore if we drive God out of the public square we drive out the source
of our own rights

No religion should dictate to the state nor should the state interfere with the free practice of religion



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