The Greatest Messages of All Time

Self Help







Little Minds

Getting fired

The mediocre mind

Ten divine qualities

Your time is limited

A man's surroundings

The strife of the world

Are you bored with life

Before you speak, listen

The most successful men

The problems of deafness

the history we make today

Life will demand a payment

Free your heart from hatred

All personal breakthroughs

Belief is the basis of all action

character most secures respect

The real leaders of the world

The wise and forbearant man

The man who will use his skill

positive and negative emotions

A man only begins to be a man

my favorite leadership proverb

Every fact and process in Nature

Most of life is on-the-job training

Believe while others are doubting

Knowledge is only potential power

Every human has four endowments

Did you ever see an unhappy horse

I will make love my greatest weapon

DESIRE is the seed of all achievement

the human cannot overcome the divine

The emotions of FAITH, LOVE, and SEX

without action all fruit will die on the vine

Ten worthless and sorrow-producing elements

I never did anything worth doing entirely by accident

success and happiness are not matters of chance but choice

Compiled by Thomas George








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