The Greatest Messages of All Time

Winners Don't Gripe

Lou Holtz

"Success never comes easily. I have inherited five losing football teams during my coaching career. If you asked me if these squads had anything in common, I would say yes. They were all largely composed of athletes who moaned about everything. You cannot turn around teams like that unless you rehabilitate the malcontents or sweep them from their rosters."

To excel, our college players had to attend class, train, and play unselfishly. They also had to adhere to curfews and other regulations that were never applied to the average student. Superior players don't complain about such restrictions, they take pride in them. They understand their willingness to sacrifice places them among that rare breed of individuals who will do whatever is necessary to attain their goals.

When a difficult task comes your way, accept the challenge joyfully. Once it finished, plead for more. Every sacrifice you make builds character. People with average skills often achieve greatness because they are willing to pay a price for it. You might not be able to outthink, outmarket, or outspend you competition, but you can outwork them."



Compiled by Thomas George







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