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Winning Habits

The Lombardi Rules
Vince Lombardi

Rule #1 - Own your habits. Search out and identify your beliefs and the habits that grow out of them. Rule

#2 - Use your Courage. When necessary, pick flight- but otherwise, be brave. Fight! Rule

#3 - Embrace your passion. Jump into your passion with both feet - and bring others along with you. Rule

#4 - Be prepared to sacrifice. Sacrifice and self denial lie behind every success.

Rule #5 - Demand Total Commitment. Demand it first from yourself and then from others around you.

Rule #6 - Weed out the uncommitted. The organization that wins is populated by winners.

Rule #7 - Work at it. Don't buy the myth of overnight success. Invest in your talent.

Rule #8 - Be disciplined on and off the field. Discipline takes different forms, but it always pertains.

Rule #9 - - Be mentally tough. Use your toughness to beat setbacks. Use your toughness to seek out new challenges.


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